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Lily Beetle devastating local gardens

Lily Beetle devastating local gardens

A devastating garden pest has been found in Rocky View County and green thumbs want to create awareness.
New Weed Act introduces expanded  invasive species list

New Weed Act introduces expanded invasive species list

The Government of Alberta’s new Weed Control Act came into effect June 16.
Division 5 Councillor to seek third term

Division 5 Councillor to seek third term

After two terms on Rocky View County council, Division 5 Councillor Earl Solberg will seek a third term in this fall’s election. “I guess what I like the best is the continuous variety of challenges,” said Solberg.

Thank you to the prime minister for a job well done at G8 and G20

Just over a week ago, the G8 and G20 summits wrapped up in Ontario. Predictably, the mainstream media focused their attention on the meathead protesters rather than the actual progress made at the summits.

Federal government ending early release of prisoners

In our corrections system, punishments rarely seem to fit the severity of the crime and the rights of criminals that the system has incarcerated are often put ahead of the rights of the victims and law-abiding citizens it is supposed to be protecting
Police Notebook: Two-car collision results in injuries

Police Notebook: Two-car collision results in injuries

On July 4 at 5:25 p.m., Airdrie RCMP and ambulances responded to an accident on Yankee Valley Boulevard and 24th Street. A 2008 Dodge Durango hit the driver’s side of a 2007 Mazda 3, while the car was making a left-hand turn onto 24th Street.
Interchange officially opened

Interchange officially opened

Airdrie residents may have found the commute from one side of town to the other easier after the $42-million rebuild of the ‘rat-hole’ was completed ahead of schedule.

Airdrie's population growth levels out

Airdrie’s population growth levelled out this year. The 2010 census shows 39,822 people reside in Airdrie, a 4.54 per cent growth rate compared to 11.65 per cent last year. This is the smallest growth the city has experienced since 1999.

City council approves increase in remuneration

City council will get a raise in October after an ad hoc committee recommended a $7,500 per year raise for the mayor and a $3,500 per year increase for aldermen.

Airdrie school councils need our help

My son recently returned home from school upset at the news that the library at Nose Creek Elementary was being altered into a multi-use classroom/library because of a shortage of classroom space. He’s a big reader you see.
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