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4 tips for women who want to start a business

Entrepreneurship among women in Canada is on the rise. Of the nearly three million Canadians that are self-employed, more than a third are women.
4 tips
Women make up one third of the self-employed adults in Canada

What’s more, according to the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Canada Report on Women’s Entrepreneurship, nearly 85% of Canadian women surveyed indicated they were interested in starting a business.

While starting your own business is challenging, it can also be very rewarding. Here’s some advice every woman who wants to be an entrepreneur should follow. 

  1. Find out what resources are available. Federal or provincial funding and grants may be available for launching your business. Other organizations may also offer financing.

Mentorship programs are another type of resource that may prove valuable.

Business organizations at regional and national levels should also be explored. Many provide workshops and offer free resources for women starting businesses.

  1. Network with other entrepreneurs. The connections you make with other entrepreneurs will play a big part in your success. Join business associations in your area to meet them. The connections you make with other women entrepreneurs are likely to be particularly valuable.
  2. Never stop learning. Take all the steps necessary to become an expert in your field. Enroll in classes, attend seminars, go to conferences and read everything you can about your industry.   
  3. Persevere. Owning your own business is hard work. Most people aren’t overnight successes and instead work for years to achieve their goals.

Perseverance is the most important characteristic a businesswoman can have. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks. Instead, learn from them and use them to make yourself and your company stronger.

The path to success for the entrepreneur isn’t usually a straight one. However, passion, hard work and believing in yourself will help you overcome trials and get you through challenging times.

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