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Women in the workplace: How to claim your seat at the table

There are a variety of obstacles that can prevent women from achieving their career goals, whether it’s assumptions about their leadership potential or a lack of support for work-life balance.
How to claim your seat at decision-making tables

Here’s some advice to help women thrive in male-dominated fields and claim their seat at decision-making tables.

  • Redefine expectations. The bias about “bossy” women persists, but pushing yourself to be assertive and not hold back in discussions can boost your self-confidence and change how these traits are perceived in female employees.
  • Find your own voice. While it’s important to be confident, women should avoid trying to emulate “masculine” leadership traits if that isn’t who they are. Instead, recognize the value in the unique strengths and perspectives you bring to the table.
  • Forget about perfection. Women have a tendency to only apply for a job if they think they meet all the criteria for the position. Don’t be afraid to take risks and seek opportunities where you can learn as you go.
  • Build a support system. Women can benefit from finding a mentor as well as sharing resources and knowledge with other women in their field. In addition, having a supportive partner who takes on an equal amount of responsibility at home is key.

Adopting these attitudes in the workplace can help you achieve your career goals and empower other women to do the same.

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