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Importance of pride

We were excited to hear Airdrie Pride Society will host its first Pride Festival this summer. Pride is an important part of making a visible stand against discrimination and hate – something we feel all people should strive to accomplish. outlines the importance of the movement in the queer community as, “a world of people who are often rejected and attacked for being who they are, expressing themselves in ways that feel right, and loving who they can’t help but love. Pride events – specifically Pride parades – are about visibility and creating a sense of belonging for people who may not have it. It’s about giving hope to people who may feel that life will never get better.” And that is something we can get behind.

In Airdrie, resources for the LGBTQ2+ community are not yet where they need to be – that is a big deal. It’s fair to say, being “different” isn’t easy. It often puts a target on your back, opening the doors for discrimination, shame and isolation. Without Pride, writes, individuals – especially youths – “become trapped within the mental and emotional stages wherein they believe they will be completely alone if they ‘come out.’”

The festival is a first step of many more we’d like to see happen in our city.

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