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It’s no wonder residents are upset by MLA Angela Pitt’s comments to a political post on Facebook. With remarks like “you can’t be compassionate if it’s not sustainable,” and “Bought a pipeline??? When did that happen?? Lol,” we have to wonder if Pitt is aware of dos and don’ts of tonality outlined in most social media policies?

Though we couldn’t find a UCP social media policy, the Government of Alberta’s tone and style guide illustrates the point nicely.

“The government also has a distinctive voice, one that rings true in speeches, news releases, videos, social media posts, web pages and other forms of communication. It shows we’re listening, we understand and we care.”

It’s that idea of caring and listening that was grossly absent from the Facebook exchange. Her first response seemed straight out of the UCP playbook of offering little, if any, counter-argument and instead blanketing the concern as containing “very little fact.”

Tone aside, it is this lack of accessible information that is at the root of much of the frustration currently happening in Alberta. If there is no reasonable response, what are Albertans to do but assume their voices either don’t matter or aren’t being heard?

In our conversation with Pitt, she provided clarification on a number of misconceptions regarding funding/procedure changes, but questioned why the government would issue a press release addressing things that aren't happening. The answer – because Albertans are demanding explanations.

Even at the health-care town hall, no UCP representatives attended, marking another complete miss on an opportunity to listen and clarify.

Alberta is divided and our representatives need to hear our concerns. That is why we elected them.
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