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Column: Mindful resolutions

It’s hard to believe just how fast time passes, but here I am, penning my last column of 2020.

It’s hard to believe just how fast time passes but here I am, penning my last column of 2020. Usually, I try to highlight a few of the highs and pay homage to a few losses. But this has not been a typical year.  

It seems almost everyone will be glad to see the conclusion of 2020. It’s not that we aren’t blessed with many things to be thankful for, but the challenges of the last year have weighed us down. Much like wearing heavy woollen clothing to go for a swim, what has been light now feels heavy. Everything has been that much more challenging and it has taken a toll on many of us. Most of it is in our minds, of course, but if our minds fail to perceive success, then success is rarely achieved. Continuing this mindset can’t be healthy for anyone. 

This is where turning the page of a calendar may be significantly more important than in years past. In terms of function and measure of time, Jan. 1, 2021, will be insignificantly different than the day prior. Beyond weather conditions and what we do with each of those days, all other elements remain the same. But the turning of a calendar page brings emotional benefits. We force our minds to sweep the past away in favour of anticipating a better future.  

This is an opportunity to recharge, recommit and reaffirm all of our aspirations. It’s an opportunity to not only congratulate ourselves on surviving past challenges but to look forward to eventual triumphs. We blow the dust off of our past failed resolutions and resolve to make 2021 the year we succeed, overcome and conquer.  

It is with these thoughts that I want to remind everyone it was but a mere 365 days ago when many – such as myself – declared “Bring on the New Year. It can’t be any worse than the last one.” I regret muttering those words now. So I, for one, want to be more cautious in how I say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021.  

I’m going to start the new year with resolutions that will not only be achievable but will guarantee me a better year, regardless of what challenges might come my way. I resolve to try to be more patient, more forgiving, more kind, more understanding, more considerate, more ambitious and more thoughtful. I’m not putting pressure on myself to be perfect – just better. None of these resolutions will change the world, but they will hopefully improve my mindset. With a better frame of mind, I’m sure to have a better year. I would be honoured to have others choose to share in my resolutions. I believe they are common goals we can all take pride in working on.  

To our advertisers that support the work we do in keeping our readership connected and to our readership that gives us cause to write, inform and inspire, we wish you all a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year.