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Column: End the lockdowns?

There has been a lot of debate after a number of politicians joined the national group labeling itself as the “End the Lockdowns” coalition.

There has been a lot of debate after a number of politicians joined the national group labelling itself as the “End the Lockdowns” coalition.

The group’s main focus is to combat provincial and federal restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Airdrie-East MLA Angela Pitt and Rocky View County councillor Greg Boehlke, they truly feel they are doing the right thing by joining this group – even if it combats what their own government is doing, in the case of Pitt.

I am not here to say whether joining this coalition was wrong. I believe what makes democracy beautiful is the ability to have freedom of thought.

About as personal as I’ll get with my critique is to say that anytime I find out Maxime Bernier is involved with something, I see a red flag. There isn’t enough space on this page to dive into why, but searching Bernier on Google will point you in the right direction.

While Premier Jason Kenney saw no issue with members of his United Conservative Party caucus joining the End the Lockdowns group, there has been some criticism from the public about what getting behind a cause like theirs signifies.

Speaking from personal experience, anytime I have interviewed Pitt or Boehlke, I honestly enjoyed the conversations and felt as though I learned something about whatever topic I was calling about.

The interesting part for me is the disconnect between the information and the people who read it.

If you take a dive into any municipal, provincial or federal politican who has joined the caucus, you will see quotes from some of them about how completely reopening is safe, masks don’t work to stop COVID-19 and other arguments disputing what health professionals have espoused since the beginning of the pandemic.

I know some may think I’m just a sheep following the herd, but the fact of the matter is, I had a tough time getting through a two-year journalism program. If a doctor with years of experience studying medicine or Alberta’s chief medical health officer tells me I should stay home and wear a mask when I’m out, I’m inclined to listen.

I hate the fact so many people have been laid off work and so many businesses have closed down. It breaks my heart. I also understand that with any cause comes opposition, which is important for balance. There was no way we’d make it through an entire pandemic without a group like End the Lockdowns popping up and garnering support.

People are tired and angry.

Instead of division, we should be working together. It's unfortunate so many people feel as though we have been badly misguided during a time we need each other more than ever.

Jordan Stricker,
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Jordan Stricker

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