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Column: An ode to Airdrie’s community spirit

If you follow local Facebook groups here in Airdrie, you may have heard the story of Koda, the dog who was lost in Airdrie last week.

If you follow local Facebook groups here in Airdrie or read our newspaper, you may have heard the story of Koda, the dog who was lost in Airdrie last week.

What started out as a story about a dog lost in Airdrie in bitterly cold temperatures fortunately had a happy ending – the community was able to rally together to help a family find their lost pet.

Anyone who has a family pet can relate to what Michelle Russell felt on Feb. 11, when she learned the news her dog had run away. There was only one thought in her distraught mind, and that was locating her missing pet.

While anyone who lives in Airdrie knows what a great community this is, Michelle's experience sheds a light on how selfless Airdronians can be.  

It is tough enough to leave the house on days that are as cold as it was last week, let alone join a 16-hour search party for a missing dog you don’t even have ties to. That takes a special group of people.

After hearing Michelle’s story, I was reminded of a quote by Coretta Scott King: “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

I can’t stress this enough. Nobody was obligated to join that search party. On such a cold day, it would have been much easier to stay inside and wish Russell and her family the best. But the people here didn’t do that. They saw someone suffering, learned about a dog lost in the freezing cold, and decided to roll up their sleeves and do something about it.

During a time when so much negativity has been spread due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fact that a large group of regular people were able to come together to help someone they didn’t even know is a testament to why this community is so special.

There are many uncertainties remaining as we navigate everyday life through a global pandemic. But this story brought me a feeling of comfort knowing I live in a community where my neighbour really does have my back. The community of Airdrie is something to be proud of – we show time after time we are in this together.

For everyone who got involved, thank you. You are what makes Airdrie such a great place to live. You should be proud that at a moment’s notice, you gathered and gave somebody a memory that will last a lifetime.

The compassion shown by Airdrie residents in the search party for Koda is inspiring during a time filled with uncertainties. It’s something we can all really benefit from.

Jordan Stricker,
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Jordan Stricker

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