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Keep Your Eyes on the Road With These Hands-Free Accessories

A great way to eliminate distractions on the road is with hands-free accessories. From Bluetooth devices to heads-up displays, upgrading your ride with these safety products will keep you traveling safely on the streets.
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Keeping your focus on the road while driving has never been so important. Distracted driving is not only dangerous, Alberta laws prohibit the use of mobile phones and similar devices while driving. When you’re constantly getting calls, texts, and emails it's important to ignore these distractions and keep your hands on the wheel while driving.

Luckily, numerous products are available to keep your eyes on the road while dealing with everyday distractions. From cheaper alternatives to worthy investments, these devices will help keep you safer on the road - and as states continue to adopt hands-free laws, you might end up getting a ticket without owning one of these gadgets.

Bluetooth Devices

Using Bluetooth technology will make your daily drive safer and more efficient. From speakers, headsets, and full vehicle integration, these products will reduce distractions while behind the wheel.

Voyager 5200 Headset
A high-end Bluetooth headset designed for comfort and usability, the Voyager, uses noise-cancelling technology so you won’t have to worry about road noise or wind interrupting your calls. You can control calls without lifting a finger, making it a safe way to communicate on the road.

Jabra Stealth Headset
This low-profile headset isn’t cheap, but its comfort and design are top of the line. Its long battery life will keep you chatting for hours, and the HD sound keeps calls crisp and clear.

Aigital Bluetooth Car Speaker
An affordable and wildly popular vehicle accessory, this compact Bluetooth speaker clips to your visor or can be stashed away in your console for easy storage. When connected to your phone, you can listen to texts, take phone calls, and control your music all by voice.

VeoPulse BPRO2
This handy speakerphone system will automatically connect to your phone to make it a truly hands-free experience. HD sound makes it a great way to listen to music or podcasts while communicating, and you can control calls with just your voice.

Belkin CarAudio Connect AUX
This compact Bluetooth kit plugs into your 12-volt outlet and uses your vehicle's sound system to deliver music or calls from your smartphone. It includes an echo-cancelling microphone, and the setup just takes a few seconds.

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Heads Up Displays

It’s human nature to look down when there’s an alert on our devices. Heads-up displays, or HUDs, solve this problem by bringing the information directly to your windshield. Check out some of these HUD options to ensure your eyes never stray from the road.

This powerful HUD is the ultimate in safe driving technology. A transparent display mounts on your dash and brings everything you need to a clean look directly in front of you. The Drive will show you vital vehicle data like speed, RPMs, gauge information, and display text previews and navigation information.

Hudly Wireless
Another high-end display is the Hudly. This all-in-one product will deliver phone calls, texts, and directions without ever having to look down. It’s also one of the few HUDs on the market that will integrate with popular mapping apps like Google and Waze.

JBL Navdy
This handy HUD can do everything a Bluetooth system can while delivering a heads-up experience. You can use apps, send texts, make calls, and get directions without lifting a finger. Its magnetic mounting system makes installation a breeze, and with so many features, you’ll never need to look away again.

These hands-free accessories will keep you focused on the road and will make dealing with distractions easy. Whether you want a cheap speaker to handle your communication and entertainment requests or a complete hands-free system with a stylish heads-up display, you can’t go wrong investing in hands-free tech. Buy today and start driving safer tomorrow!

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