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Detailing Your Car: Handy Tips

Want a clean car inside and out? Here are some tips on detailing.
8-1 Detailing
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Do you dread getting into your car? For many people it feels like we live in our cars, grabbing a coffee on the way to work, a snack on the way home, getting the kids and heading out to whatever sports or event they have to attend and often grabbing their friends along the way. After the game, you wind up getting something to drink at the drive through, and heading home. At the end of the day you look at your car and there is garbage and crumbs everywhere, and this is only what you can see. Do you really know what is lurking under the seats or in the cracks of the seats? It may be time to detail your car

Professional Detailing

You can find professional detailing services at most car dealerships, including Davis Chevrolet GMC Buick, as well as some stand alone detailers which offer a wide variety of detailing options to have your car looking new inside and out and without the need to get your hands dirty.

Self-Wash Stations

Most gas stations, particularly the larger brands, offer self-wash or touch-less car wash services. With these automated services the operation is quick and easy, insert the tokens/coins or use your debit card, and simply flip the switch to the desired service you want. This includes pre-washing, washing, rinsing, waxing even a vacuum although other interior detailing is left up to the owner to do manually. These stations are a great place to either begin or end your detailing. Unfortunately, most of these places will not let you have a bucket or hand wash so further detailing cannot be done on site.

Your Own Detailing:

Detailing your own vehicle can be messy but rewarding. There are some things to consider:

  • Clean the cup holders. These may be the dirtiest part of the car. Take an old sock, soak it in window cleaner and twist until all the goop comes up. Use a wooden skewer to get the corners and then wipe out with a microfiber cloth.
  • Air vents. These can blow dirty air through the car, so it is important to clean them properly. This can be done with an old makeup brush or tooth brush. Some people recommend also using furniture polish to clean the vents.
  • Deep vacuum the upholstery. You can rent an upholstery vacuum from local stores (or buy one fairly cheap) to clean the car with a deep clean. Also consider a de-stink spray to get your upholstery smelling better.
  • Blow out the groves. Many shop vacuums also have a blow feature, use this to blow under the seats and all the groves along the doors and even the gear shift to get all the junk out.

Recommended cleaning products to use:

Your car has many small crooks and crannies to clean. If you are doing your own detailing, take the time and do it properly from the outside to the inside. You will need to look in every little spot from inside the doors to under the carpets on the floor. It feels great to drive a clean car that smells as good as it looks.

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