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Aftermarket Truck Racks: Choosing the right one for you

No matter the truck you have, where you are going or what you are taking, there is a truck rack system to get your camping or outdoor gear on the road to fun.
4-4 Truck Racks
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Parts of Alberta still resemble the old Wild West with our wide open rugged spaces. There are so many things to do and see. Packing up the truck and hitting the highway or going off road takes you on the route to adventure! Make sure that you can take all your off road items, camping gear and your kayak with you. The best way to get your gear around is to make sure that you have the right truck rack. There are different styles of aftermarket truck racks to make sure all your needs are met.

Inno truck rack:

This quick and easy to install truck rack is a great all-around rack to ensure that your camping and off road gear is ready to go. It is installed with cross bars inside the truck bed. These bars are also used for mounting ski racks, cargo carriers and a kayak carrier. There are two styles of Inno truck racks, one for standard pickups and one for pickups with c-channel track systems. This style of rack is simple. This rack stores your gear above the pickup bed. It is light weight, so that you don’t add fuel costs from the drag of additional racks on the truck.

Headache rack:

If you have ever been hit in the head with a 2x4, you know the pain this causes and the headache that you would have after. In your truck bed, when things are flying around there is the risk of items moving around and breaking the glass or smacking you in the back of the head. A headache rack is designed to hold your items in place (you still should strap your gear down) and prevent it from coming into the truck. This rack is designed to be placed at the head of the bed.

Tonneau cover racks:

Many people use tonneau covers with their trucks. This is a great way to protect your camping and outdoor gear from the weather. Also, the tonneau can be locked for added security. Racks are designed to sit on the outside of the box so that your cover can still be used. Your camping gear or off roading gear will ride above the tonneau cover. The racks can even hold your kayak. These covers can be customized with ladder racks, tonneau cover holders and bed racks.

Truck bed cargo bags:

This is not the traditional truck rack system, but it can be used in conjunction with other racking systems. This system, a special truck tote bag, is watertight and made with heavy non-breathable material. This will help maximize the storage in the bed of your truck. This can tie in with other the truck rack systems by hooking into it or onto the headache system. The bag can fold down or be removed when not in use.

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