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Aftermarket Trends for 2023

A look at what’s in store for the aftermarket industry for companies like GM and Buick.
9-4 Aftermarket
Chevrolet Silverado ZR2

Aftermarket parts are a growing industry. Especially as used and new cars rose in price during the pandemic, people have turned to the aftermarket industry to improve their existing vehicles. As certain broad car trends continue, we wanted to look at what this industry will look like in 2023 and beyond, especially for owners of GMs and Buicks.

Digital stores will dominate

Back in January, GM announced that it will be creating a new online parts marketplace as part of their digital commerce strategy. The catalogue will include 45,000 repair and maintenance parts for Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and more.

GM had previously opened an online accessories store in 2015 and this expansion of the project proves that in-store sales are no longer the focus. Soon, you will be able to order your aftermarket parts online and have them shipped to you or your nearest dealer for a faster and more convenient experience.

Efficiency will be a hot commodity

If the past few months have proved anything, its that heading to the pumps is increasingly annoying. Rising prices for gas will likely lead to an aftermarket increase in products that can make our vehicles more efficient. These could include parts like energy-efficient powertrains and efficiency upgrades for diesel engines.

EVs aren’t going away

While there are many detractors of modern electric vehicles, the aftermarket world will soon need to supply products for those who’ve made the leap. Aftermarket sales for products related to EVs are only set to increase in the coming years as more companies like GMC and Buick introduce hybrid and fully electric vehicles. This will also lead to an explosion in necessary infrastructure, including charging stations.

People will still need the experts

Aftermarket parts aren’t like lamps or books and even furniture. While a couch you order online might not be the one you want, the wrong part simply won’t work. DIY is growing, especially for people looking to improve their vehicles through aftermarket parts. So too is the need for experts who can help regular drivers keep their cars going. Whether it’s online AI-assisted chats or seamless, in-person installation services, the industry will still need to connect mechanics and vehicle experts with their customers.

While it’s impossible to truly see into the future, current trends are pointing to plenty of new and interesting opportunities for the world of aftermarket parts. From an increase in parts that increase efficiency to servicing EVs, aftermarkets will need to meet the demands of tomorrow’s customers.

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