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Aftermarket - Rooftop Tents

Have you ever looked at the roof of your car or bed of your truck and thought to yourself, “I can pitch a tent there?” If so, then you’re not alone.
5-4 Rooftop Tent
Photo by Michael Aleo on Unsplash

In fact, aftermarket rooftop tents are increasing in popularity for people who love the great outdoors.

Rooftop tents are an investment so let’s take deeper look at them so you can find out if they’re right for you.

Start by Checking if Your Vehicle Can Use One

Not all vehicles or roof racks can handle a rooftop tent, which is why you need to check before you start your hunt. Luckily, if your vehicle came with a factory-installed roof rack, then your owner’s manuals will mention if it’s rooftop tent compatible. Otherwise, your aftermarket roof rack manual should let you know if your car can handle a tent.

Think About Weights

Your roof rack will be rated for two types of weight: static and dynamic. Static weight is how much your rack can support while the vehicle isn’t moving. Dynamic is when it’s in motion. For the purposes of your rooftop tent, look at dynamic weight. Your rooftop tent will need to be comfortably lower than this number to be considered. So, once you have that number you can start narrowing down your tent models.

Look for What You Need

After you’ve figured out what models your vehicle and roof rack can support, then it’s time to look at features you’ll need.

Size: Most will be able to comfortably sleep one or two people. If you want more, then be sure to check out the larger ones.

Mattresses: Many rooftop tents can come with mattresses for a more comfortable sleep.

Shell: Most rooftop tents come made with standard tenting materials. Some, however, can come with tougher aluminum shells to take on almost any weather.

Easy setup: One of the great things about rooftop tents is that they are really easy to set up once they’re installed. Some make this almost as easy as pulling a cord. Others involve a bit more of an elaborate setup. Look for one that balances the features you want with an easy setup.

Rooftop tents are a fantastic alternative to trailers or traditional tents. After you know your roof rack can support one, it’s about balancing the features you need with the constraints about weight as outlined in your user’s manual.

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