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Ang Lutz, Owner: Sweet Joan. co Women in Business - Profile
Ang Lutz - Sweet Joan

Being a 'plant parent" does not have to be hard! Sweet Joan. co is a tiny but mighty Tropical Plant Shop located in Airdrie, Alberta in the of Kings Heights Business District.

Owner and Founder, Ang Lutz has been lucky enough to call the wonderful community of Airdrie home for the past 16 years alongside her husband and two children.

The name 'Sweet Joan. co" came from Ang's late Grandma Joan who planted a love for all things nature into her soul. One would say we are real "Grow Getters" .

"Whether you're new to house plants, and are looking for that "gateway plant", or maybe you are a seasoned "plant parent", we have something here for everybody!"

We invite you to stop in and take a breath.  

Ang and her staff are always welcoming and enjoy answering any planting questions you may have. There has been many science studies on the health benefits of house plants. From their vibrant colours, fresh oxygen, and zen they bring to any home, not to mention the air purifying .

If you have a specific room, you are trying to find the perfect plant for, the Staff at Sweet are available to assist.  

The hours of operation are currently listed on our facebook page

We are excited to join the Airdrie Business Community and look very forward to working alongside our community.

Ang Lutz, Sweet Joan. co