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Alicia McMane, Life Coach: Live Like You Mean It Women in Business - Profile

My name is Alicia McMane and I’m on a mission to turn your LIFE into a MOVEMENT.

I’m a motivational speaker, a certified personal trainer and a life coach for over 19 years. I’m also a wife and mother to three boys.

For almost two decades, I’ve seen how the trends in the health and wellness industry have affected my clients.

Restriction instead of freedom. 
Punishment rather than praise.
Workout rather than
Play. All. Out.

I see us collectively standing on the edge of a revolution in the way we care for our bodies, our minds and our hearts. I see how our diets and our dieting, our obsessions and our obsessing have hurt the mindsets and self-worth of not only ourselves but also our children. 

I’m here to show you that YES, there’s another way to live.

Teaching classes was the first time I saw how I could make a difference. The exercise was amazing for the people who came, but what was more important was how they felt about themselves and their relationship with each other during and after the sessions. I loved seeing the relationships form, their fitness goals reached and their self-confidence rise. A powerful combination.

I now teach Bootcamp, Pound, personal training and a workshop I created called Wear Your Weird  

I was indirectly guided by my children in creating the Wear Your Weird movement.

I never wanted my kids to feel the pressure to fit in, hide who they are, stuff their feelings or adapt their behaviour to please me, my husband or anyone else who has a role in shaping their identity.

I’m on a mission to impact thousands of people’s lives through the Wear Your Weird program, fitness classes and coaching by helping as many as possible to begin the process early of discovering and claiming who they truly are and the power they hold 

Live Like You Mean It and Wear your Weird

Alicia McMane, Live Like You Mean It