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Legacy of the Games

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After an enthusiastic, well-attended opening ceremony Feb. 14, and three days of elite sporting competition, the curtain closed on the 2020 Alberta Winter Games Feb. 17 – and what a weekend it was.

Even if you didn’t watch or take part directly in the myriad sporting competitions that were on display, the opportunity the event allowed many of our hard-working young athletes was notable. After all the time they've invested in training and practicing, they had the chance to shine in their respective events right here at home, in front of their supportive families, friends and fans.

Hosting an event like the Alberta Winter Games comes with a hefty price tag, but there’s no doubt the economic benefits will make the costs worth it. The host society has projected an overall impact of $4.1 million on the local economy. With Airdrie’s central location within Rocky View County, surely some of that benefit will be felt regionally. There will certainly be a trickle-down effect that helps our area’s local businesses, many of which are struggling with the impacts of the current economic low Alberta finds itself in.

The event also provided the region the chance to show off to an audience of thousands of visitors – displaying to the rest of the province what the county has to offer.

For many of the 6,000-plus visitors who came to our corner of the province for the Games, this was likely their first time exploring the area, and the community did a fabulous job welcoming them.