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Bad habits

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As we change our calendars and welcome another new year, many of us are contemplating more potential changes in our lives. January often sees an influx of people looking to adopt healthier lifestyles in the 12 months ahead, to embrace positive routines and leave some of their worse habits behind. With the confirmation of the province’s first vaping-related illness, it’s clear that this is one of the habits Albertans should be looking to kick.

According to a CBC News investigation from December 2019, Vape Fail, a number of the e-cigarette liquids available for purchase in Canada contain “harmful chemicals, including a suspected carcinogen banned in food in the U.S.”

And it’s not just the respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms associated with vaping-related illness that are concerning Canada’s health officials – dentists are also speaking out about the possible harm that can come from inhaling these liquids.

Not only do many of the e-juices contain nicotine, which has already proven to damage oral health, but they are also comprised of cocktails of various chemicals. Once these are mixed and heated, the report stated, “the juices become an aerosol that experts say can be toxic to your teeth.”

A number of provinces have already begun looking at ways to regulate vaping, such as introducing restrictions on advertising and promotion. And we’re hoping Albertans will take the time to educate themselves about the risks and make their health a priority.

Let’s leave the bad habits in 2019.