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RVC council postpones decision on industrial storage yard

The future of an Indus-area industrial storage yard remains undecided after Rocky View County council did not grant unanimous permission for third reading of a redesignation bylaw. File Photo/Rocky View Publishing

The future of an industrial storage redesignation application will be decided at an upcoming meeting after Rocky View County (RVC) council did not grant unanimous permission to consider third reading at a regular meeting Sept. 24.

The application would provide for an industrial storage yard on 72.37 acres northwest of Indus, located north of Township Road 232 and on the east side of Range Road 283.

While the application was technically feasible, planner Jessica Anderson said it was inconsistent with the County Plan – primarily due to the plan’s location criteria, as the redesignation is proposed in the vicinity of two identified business areas – and recommended refusing the redesignation and an accompanying Master Site Development Plan (MSDP).

However, Deputy Reeve Al Schule moved first reading of the redesignation, saying the application “makes sense” as the land in question is adjacent to other commercial developments.

First reading was granted unanimously – Coun. Kevin Hanson said he normally wouldn’t support the application, but he was heartened to see applicant Ken Venner of B&A Planning Group address another administrative concern by suggesting a site-specific amendment to the Land Use Bylaw that would limit future subdivision.

A subsequent motion by Hanson to make that amendment failed, however, and Schule moved second reading, which carried 7-2 – Hanson and Coun. Samanntha Wright stood opposed.

Hanson then cast the sole opposing vote to move to third reading, postponing the decision. Hanson said he voted against proceeding to third reading in order to encourage “sober second thought” about limiting the potential for the land to be subdivided.

Permission for third reading must be granted unanimously by council.


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