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RVC council approves redesignation east of Airdrie

Rocky View County council set aside a County Plan policy and approved a redesignation application for land on a fragmented quarter section east of Airdrie. File Photo/Rocky View Publishing
Rocky View County (RVC) council approved a redesignation application at its regular meeting Sept. 24 that will facilitate the creation of a four-acre parcel with a 33-acre remainder east of Airdrie, south of Highway 567 and immediately east of Range Road 285.

Planner Xin Deng said the proposal was inconsistent with a County Plan policy relating to residential subdivision within a fragmented quarter section that is meant to preserve large agricultural parcels.

“However, the land is centrally located in the fragmented quarter section,” Deng said. “With potential subdivision on adjacent agricultural land, this land would be left out as an island parcel, which would limit the benefit for reserving the land for agricultural use.”

The subject quarter has been fragmented since 1974, she added, and the lands within the quarter section have primarily been used for residential uses.

Administration recommended set aside the County Plan policy and approving the application, which council voted unanimously to do.


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