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RVC council approves Alandale Estates subdivision

Rocky View County council has approved a subdivision creating a number of residential lots within Springbank's Alandale Estates community. Photo by Ben Sherick/Rocky View Publishing

The final phase of Alandale Estates will proceed after Rocky View County (RVC) council approved a subdivision application May 28, creating nine two-acre residential lots and within the Central Springbank area.

The development also includes three common property units, according to planner Xin Deng, which will be owned and maintained by a legally-established condominium board. One 7.34-acre common property unit contains Hodgson Pond, and the other two – 2.45 acres and 2.3 acres, respectively – are comprised of green space.

David Wyatt, with applicant B&A Planning Group, requested council leave Hodgson Pond under private ownership, but treat the pond as an environmental reserve in order to protect the important drainage it provides.

To address the request, Coun. Kevin Hanson moved to amend the subdivision conditions to stipulate the lot containing the pond be treated as environmental reserve, and a cash-in-lieu payment be collected for Municipal Reserve on 10 per cent of the land minus what would be treated as environmental reserve.

Council adopted the amendment unanimously, then unanimously approved the subdivision.

Coun. Daniel Henn, a member of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB), said he wished to sit on that board if the decision was appealed, and therefore recused himself from the deliberation.

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