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Construction woes are getting ridiculous

When most people think of summer, the first colour that pops into their minds is green for the luscious grass and trees, or maybe pink for the delicate flowers blooming in the gardens.

Take a bow, Springbank High

Springbank High School administration, teachers, students and parents should all be proud. Ranked 12th overall in Alberta by the Fraser Institute’s 2010 Report Card on Alberta’s High Schools, Springbank deserves the recognition it has earned.

New energy

If there was ever a time Airdrie needed some new energy, this is it. Crowded schools, ongoing construction on already busy roads and a lack of healthcare options have been chronic concerns in our rapidly growing city.

Grassroots effort needed

At the Rocky View Weekly, we take citizens’ democratic responsibilities very seriously. We consider it every voter’s responsibility to research options for every municipal, provincial and federal election.

Another lose-lose

Here we go again. The Calgary Board of Education announced last week that it will cut 277 full time jobs, including 192 teaching positions, as part of its annual budget.

School division commended

We would like to commend Rocky View Schools for balancing the 2010/11 budget despite little to no help from the Provincial Government. RVS staff has managed to avoid major cuts to services at schools, which are already cramped and dilapidated. A 0.