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Making a big decision isn’t an easy process, but it helps when you have the right support. And when it comes to choosing how to handle an unplanned pregnancy, it’s even more crucial the support received is looking out for your best interests – not theirs.

Misinformation is dangerous, and is especially harmful for a vulnerable woman looking into her available options. Abortion – whether or not you are morally opposed to it – is legal and should be treated like any other medical procedure. By providing doctor referrals for women who choose to continue their pregnancies but refusing to refer women who’ve opted to proceed with an abortion does not present this is as a truly valid option.

And an organization that claims to support women but doesn’t treat abortion as a valid option isn’t really providing the service they profess to offer.

Certainly, any organization is welcome to deliver services in a way that is in keeping with its own moral stance, but to do so under the guise of providing “options” is disingenuous and unfair to women who are hoping to access supports at home.

It’s important to note that “crisis centres” are not medical facilities. As such, they are not overseen by any regulating authority which would ensure their distributed information is accurate and complete – eliminating any need for them to defend their practices. 

With Airdrie’s young population, it’s important we have family-planning services, but we’d hope to see more transparency about their motivations.


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