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One life

Construction season is well underway in Airdrie, and it seems as though you can’t go anywhere in the city without encountering at least one speed reduction due to roadwork.

It is annoying and it can make an already stressful day just a little bit worse. But think of how awful it would be if you didn’t take precautions and someone lost their life because of your need to get to the store two minutes faster.

Construction workers, like all of us, have just one life. It is our responsibility to ensure these men and women – who are working to make our city better – can safely do their job.

Our editor recently encountered a situation that made her blood boil. A motorcyclist decided he was too impatient to obey the reduced speed in a construction zone along Yankee Valley Boulevard near Bayside. This individual opted to zip around traffic by darting to the left and into the painted median between a turning lane and the through lane; he then cut off our editor, forcing her to slam on the brakes.

We bring this to your attention because these needless and dangerous incidents happen all the time.

According to the Alberta Motor Associations, 900 collisions, including some with injuries or fatalities, and millions of dollars in property damages occur each year in construction zones in Alberta.

If the threat of taking a life or causing injury isn’t enough, fines double in these zones. If you are caught speeding in these areas, fines now range from $156 to $949.

So, please, don’t be that person. Slow down and stay safe.


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