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It is fair to say no elected official will get things right 100 per cent of the time, but Rocky View County council’s recent move to scrap rather than amend both the Aggregate Resource Plan (ARP) and the Firearms Bylaw – both of which council directed administration to draft – is puzzling at best and concerning a most.

These projects both required resources, and therefore money, to complete. And were both something residents had asked for, thereby indicating a desire for policy. By repealing the bylaw and scrapping the ARP, council has left those residents – who clearly identified a need – without a solution and with residents footing the bill.

Again, this council asked for both these projects. The ARP was requested in September 2018 and the Firearms Bylaw passed first and second reading back in May 2018, before being approved in September of that year.

In a even more baffling move, Coun. Kim McKylor voted to repeal the Firearms Bylaw, then motioned to being work on a brand new Firearms Bylaw – we, and likely many others, were left scratching our heads.

While we understand some initiatives simply don’t make sense, repealing instead of trying to improve them is not the answer. Especially when these projects were asked for by enough residents to garner council’s attention.

We are left wondering if this council really knows what its doing, if it is actually listening to the residents who elected them and if they have the skills to lead the County forward.


Airdrie Today Staff

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