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With Election Day inching closer, it is heartening to see the estimated results from advanced polls that took place over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

According to the preliminary figures from Elections Canada, some 4,700,000 electors voted at the advance polls. This is a 29 per cent increase from the 3,657,415 electors who cast their ballots early in the 2015 general election.

The political sphere, in much of North America, is more polarized than ever, making it imperative the majority of Canadians get out and vote this election – democracy requires this.

Whether you have serious concerns about job creation, pipeline expansions, climate change or immigration, voting is your chance to voice what issues are most important to you.

For those who feel they shouldn’t bother voting as their party “won’t get in,” your apathy speaks louder than a “throw-away” vote. Even if your candidate does not win a seat, your vote lets the winning candidate know where their constituents stand and what they can do to win over those voters next go around.

If for nothing else, vote to honour the people who came before, who fought for the rights of every citizen and demanded equal participation in democracy.

Voting is a fairly simple process: ensure you are at the correct polling station (this is found on your voter information card or at, have ID to prove your identity and current address (such as a valid driver's licence) and mark your X.

We hope next week will find us reporting on the record number of federal election voters.


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