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Climate crisis

From using goats for organic weed control to implementing strategies to promote local pollinator habitat preservation, we’re pleased to see sustainable, environmentally-friendly initiatives being introduced throughout Rocky View County.

Climate-change-related concerns have been in the forefront this year thanks to the provincial election, where the carbon tax was a significant issue for voters. More recently, municipal governments across the country have declared local climate emergencies, intended to expedite efforts to reduce emissions – Edmonton City council passed such a resolution Aug. 27.

Scientific consensus is that global warming is occurring as an “extremely likely” consequence of “human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases,” according to a special report on climate science published in 2017. Still, many politicians and government officials across North America and even within Alberta seem unable to agree that climate change is real – UCP members hold a “spectrum of views” on the topic, according to Premier Jason Kenney.

Perhaps even more disappointing are the results of a recent CBC News poll, which suggested 80 per cent of Conservative supporters and 53 per cent of Liberals and New Democrats agree with the statement that “it doesn’t matter what Canada does if other countries don’t do their part.”

While it seems improbable that small efforts would result in significant payoff, every little bit helps – and why not strive to be global leaders in this initiative? We’re encouraged to see action being taken locally to address environmental concerns and make positive changes here at home.


Airdrie Today Staff

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