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Clashing councillors

If you’ve been following Rocky View County council lately, you’re likely aware of the malcontent that has been brewing. Even before Coun. Hanson, Kissel and Wright were sanctioned, it was obvious council was divided.

But things took a dive right into soap-opera territory Aug. 8, when the sanctioned councillors filed a legal challenge to the sanctions imposed on them.

We aren’t poking fun at the councillors move – it appears to us the only one they had, and we would also be fighting if in their position. What we are suggesting is things have gotten out of control and we’re question how council has ended up at this chaotic place.

When sanctions were imposed June 11, Kissel made a motion request a mediator to intervene and work with council “to move forward in a cohesive and positive manner.” The motion failed, with only Hanson and Wright voting in support.

Then, at the following meeting June 25, Wright made a motion to invite the Minister of Municipal Affairs to conduct a ministerial inspection into the management, administration and operations of RVC. No discussion ensued and the motion failed, with only Wright, Hanson and Kissel voting in favour.

We have to wonder what the rest of council thought would happen when it decreased the sanction councillors pay, stripped them of their roles on boards and publicly embarrassed them – all while refusing to attempt mediation or seek clarity from the Minister.

It seems the time has now passed for mediation, and the battle has taken a nasty turn.