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Cause and effect

In an age of loneliness and entitlement, as many have called the current state of modern society, it can be easy to forget about the responsibility we have to ourselves and the greater community.

According to Psychology Today Canada, “No free society can remain stable without respecting that rights and responsibility are inseparable.” But, in entitlement culture, the belief tends to be, “I don’t care about how you feel, but you absolutely must care about how I feel.” This, of course, breeds all sorts of hate online, in reality and in the political sphere.

And while loneliness is a part of the human condition, the shift to digital everything makes it exceedingly easy to shut off and simply not interact with real people. While that may work for some, it can also create the idea you are no longer a part of the community and do not have to consider how your actions impact others.

But there comes a point when we all must face the reality of our own decisions. From something as simple as a cavity resulting from subpar oral health to missing out on a promotion because you didn’t ask to be considered, our actions have real consequences.

So, when you choose not to talk to your doctor about being screened for breast cancer or you opt out of the flu vaccine, you are the one deciding your health and that of those around you is not important. You're saying your perceived rights are superior to those of others.

Historically, humans have formed co-operative groups to survive. Today, though, we seem hell-bent on living for the self, to society's detriment. Perhaps it’s time we rethink that lifestyle.


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