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Arts and culture

Described as a possible silver lining to the end of the Creative Airdrie Society, council’s decision directing staff to research and recommend how to move forward with a possible City art council is welcomed news.

Art, according to Canada Council for the Arts (CCA), makes considerable and necessary contributions to the well-being of communities. Public art helps develop city or neighborhood identity, instilling a sense of pride in residents. Research has shown individual and community participation in the arts can improve self-confidence and self-identity.

In addition, the arts are one of the primary means of public dialogue, CCA continues, raising awareness of important issues facing communities by educating the public in powerful and creative ways.

Additionally, social interaction from active involvement in arts programs has been shown add to social development within communities – particularly to the marginalized and disadvantaged.

The arts also contribute to making the area more attractive to investments and economic endeavors. Thus, public art not only beautifies an area, making it more inviting, but adds value to the surrounding assets.

While art is subjective, we think the benefits of a City-led arts-and-culture initiative clearly demonstrate an impact to not just individuals, but the community as a whole. We hope to see the City of Airdrie bring this project to fruition.

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