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We just love to tell stories

Reporters get asked the question all the time. “So, you work long hours, you get paid very little and you open yourself up to the criticism of 40,000 people every week. Why do you do it? I think I’ve finally figured out the answer to that question.

My name is Covy, and I'm proud to be an Airdronian

It’s tough to tell people that you were born and raised in Airdrie, when most folks know we don’t have a hospital. But, ever since I can remember, I have had roots in this community. My father moved here when I was two years old.

Every community has its own problems: lesson learned

After 10 years in the same starter-size home, my family and I recently ìmoved upî to a larger, more comfortable house. The two-storey was everything I dreamed of.

Faith Matters: Facing the storm

I had a couple of experiences today that I think you can identify with. One of them concerned a book in the mail. I wanted to just send it back to the company who sent it, but then I was surprised when I was charged more than $15 to send it back.

Faith and Culture: Beware the libel of labels

“Considering its history as a worldwide power structure, it would be quite an understatement today to say that Christianity has seen better days.

Just say no to tax increases. #YouCantTellRonAnything

Last week, users of the social media program Twitter - apparently called “Tweeps” - stuck it to the man. That man’s name is Vic Toews, and he’s Canada’s Minister of Public Safety.

Airdrie City View launches a new feature: Tell Tammy

Editor’s Note: This week we welcome a new monthly feature called Tell Tammy. The author, Tammy Tkachuk, is the owner of Airdrie-based Transition Life Coaching & Wellness.

Rural communities offer rich experiences for all generations

I was born and raised in a small rural community west of Red Deer. Growing up, I quickly learned that my family went beyond my mom and dad and three siblings. First, it was my large extended family.

Faith and Culture: This week's article is on " losing my religion"

“I am pretty much scarred by religion in its most despicable form; living the aftermath; struggling and yet glad that I went through it because it still made me the person I am today.

Calgary Tower: Just another tourist trap

There has to be more advantages to working for the local newspaper than what I am taking advantage of. Obviously I enjoy the cars, vacation homes, and private jets, but I still feel there has to be more.