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From killing plastic plants to gardener extraordinaire in less than a year

Born and raised in Calgary, my thumb is more concrete grey than green. I’ve always loved the site of beautiful gardens overflowing with endless blossoms reaching up to the sun.

My internship at Airdrie City View: A happy accident

August marks the halfway point of my internship at the Airdrie City View. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Briana The Intern. The summer/fall student. The rookie. Whichever handle you prefer, I’m the newbie around these parts.

New Thunder season approaches, Thunderstruck gets queued

I’ve purposely not listened to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck all summer long. Great song on a great album, don’t get me wrong, but I heard it enough all winter at Airdrie Thunder games that it has lost some of its lustre.

The highs and lows of being a weekly newspaper photographer

It’s happened before and it will happen again. The fire tones went off on Aug. 12, and despite the hustle and bustle of the newsroom, I was able to hear what should have made for a decent photo of a serious, but very light hearted situation.

The things I learned on my summer vacation

If the quality of journalism at the Airdrie City View improved noticeably over the past two weeks, there is a good reason. I wasn’t here. I spent the last two weeks on my summer vacation.

My enduring love for playing baseball outweighs my doctor's advice

Some doctors told me I’d never play again. Others told me that the best-case scenario was very limited action after a long recovery period.

Take the step, put your faith in God

Some weeks ago, I was flying back to Calgary when I came across the last part of that movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. As Indiana Jones comes upon the last trial, he pulls up short, only to realize he is at the edge of a deep cavern.

We grow older, but we don't have to grow up

Remember back when you were a teenager and you thought 25 was old? And then you got to 25 and it wasn’t so bad after all.

Travel is one of the best educators

Bless her soul, my mother used to go on and on about travel being the best education when I was young. I’m sure she would have kept up with this lesson for the rest of my life had the angels not had other plans for her when I was 16.

The month of August is still searching for its true identity

Call August a transition month. It’s like the calm before and after the storm and, in this case, both in and outside the office.