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Valued voices

The month of June is looking to be a busy one in Airdrie, and we’re looking forward to celebrating the diverse groups that make up our city – from the LGBTQ2S+ community to our local seniors.

The Airdrie Pride Society is hosting the city’s first-ever Pride Festival in Nose Creek Park June 22, and in honour of the historic event, the month has been proclaimed as Pride Month within the municipality. At the same time, June has been proclaimed as Mental Health and Addictions Month – another worthy initiative, as advocating for positive change to mental health and addiction is necessary to bring about results.

Additionally, this month will also see the celebration of National Pollinator Week, which helps educate citizens about the important role bees play in our ecosystem, and National Seniors’ Week, to show appreciation for the many ways seniors contribute to our community. The Airdrie Senior and Disabled Festival will extend that appreciation to people with disabilities, as well.

We’re proud to live in a community where people take issues seriously and work to make their voices heard by raising awareness. But with more and more “awareness days” showing up on our calendars, it’s getting easier and easier to ignore them. This popularity indicates there’s clearly an appetite for social change – it’s up to us to make sure the increasing volume doesn’t wind up drowning out those important voices.

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