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Rocky View Publishing reporter's love of Airdrie drives her to be involved

And they said that minor in Latin in university would never be of any use to me.... It’s been a long, circuitous journey to journalism for me.

And they said that minor in Latin in university would never be of any use to me....

It’s been a long, circuitous journey to journalism for me. That Latin minor was accompanied by a major in History with a focus on military history, specifically the history of the world’s intelligence services. Fact, as it turns out, is far more fanciful than James Bond and others of his ilk.

I’ve had careers working at a museum - as close to using that history degree as I’ve come - as a fund developer, web and graphic designer, in marketing and communications, as an events co-ordinator, and as a radio morning show co-host and news anchor. Some say I bore easily. I prefer to think of myself as inquisitive.... and I bore easily.

Turns out the thing I like to do the most involves my community. Husband, dogs and I moved to Airdrie nearly 13 years ago, and we’ve loved becoming a part of this community as we’ve watched it grow.

Since becoming proud Airdronians, I’ve met some of the nicest people. I’m lucky in my latest career that I get to go hang out with many of them on a regular basis at the Airdrie Food Bank, the Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie and at schools. I have the CDs of some of SLAM in Airdrie’s newest and brightest singer/songwriters in my car, too.

There is so much to love about Airdrie; its arts community is vibrant, we have a great movie theatre where you can still see the latest releases without taking out a second mortgage, I never get stuck in a traffic jam, and I can always find a place to park. My neighbours often shovel my sidewalk or mow my lawn, (we reciprocate, of course), and if I really need a fix, Calgary is only a short drive down Highway 2.

Are there things I can’t find in Airdrie? Sure.

For instance, we need a quilt store to feed my fiber habit. (Husband would vehemently disagree.) And I still drive into Calgary every Tuesday night for choir rehearsal because Airdrie doesn’t have an auditioned choir. I know – picky, picky. Of course, we need 24-hour urgent care, too.

I’m thrilled, though, as I find myself having to leave this adorable little city on the prairies less and less. And I don’t know about you, but I like it that way.

Basically, I’m a big fan of Airdrie. Which brings me back to what I’m really supposed to be writing about, which is me and why you should bother to read anything I write in this paper.

Well, because I, like most of you, care about the community in which I live. I’ve chosen to serve it by being one of those who communicates to the rest of you the things I think will be important or of interest to you. Journalism gives me a voice and the opportunity to really dig into some of those issues.

That Latin minor? It actually comes in handy: by knowing the Latin root of certain words, I can sometimes figure out how to spell them, (always important for someone making their living putting pen to paper), and when my choir director hands us something in Latin, I’m the only one not sweating.

By the way, because I know some of you will wonder… Sean Connery will always be the best Bond, but Daniel Craig is a close second.

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