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Letter: People wearing face masks should be avoided

People telling me to put on a mask is like telling me "you're sick."

Re: "Superstore employee, union express concern about mask compliance in Airdrie," article, May 6, Airdrie City View

Dear Editor,

I know the Airdrie City View is left of centre politically and I know that it seems most of the articles aim to frighten people with misleading sensational wording, coupled with further sensational cases that are totally inconsequential to actual statistics on age-group-related deaths from COVID-19.

You guys toe the line behind a government that moves the goal posts to suit whatever additional lockdowns they deem necessary and further kill our economy. Don't give me the "lockdowns work" rhetoric either. Without an economy, we don't have taxpayers, we have unemployed people who contribute nothing to the social system of hospitals (which rely heavily on taxpayers, by the way).

With that being said, I have noted that face masks are being pushed harder, but there is one fact we are all missing here. Face masks are to protect others from you, not the other way around. If someone is wearing one, I will be avoiding that person because they are admitting to either knowing they are infected or cannot be trusted to know their own health status.

I know my health status and don't wear a mask because I am not sick. I know you probably won't publish this because it goes against the narrative, but I at least encourage you to read it and consider it as food for thought the next time you see a face diaper being worn.

People telling me to put on a mask is like telling me "you're sick."

Kevin Tennant


Airdrie Today Staff

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