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Letter: Keeping people safe is not religious persecution

Re: " Worship services continue to adapt to new restrictions ," article, Dec.

Re: "Worship services continue to adapt to new restrictions," article, Dec. 10

Dear editor, 

I was excited and interested to read the article in last week’s City View regarding worship services continuing to adapt to new restrictions. As we’re all familiar, there is a fringe element of people who believe conspiracy theories and that the COVID-19 pandemic is some sort of hoax – or some way the government is out to get us. A lot of people in rather conservative faith-based communities share this opinion to some degree or another.

I personally believe the effort being made by the government to keep people safe is not religious persecution. No government in any western democracy, that I’m aware of, has in the last nine months told any person from any faith group that they’re no longer allowed to believe what they believe. They have only said, for safety reasons, we need to ask you to not physically stand beside each other.

Everyone is free to have their beliefs in their own hearts and their own homes. I think that’s an important distinction to make, and I applaud the quotes from Syed Sohardwardy, speaking on behalf of Airdrie’s Jamia Riyadhul Jannah Masjid, and the quotes from the pastor for Cornerstone Church, Brad Bristow.

Les Miller

First Street NW