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Letter: Guthrie and Rosin are helping keep Albertans in the dark about Keystone XL

Dear editor, Rocky View County-area MLAs Peter Guthrie (Airdrie-Cochrane) and Miranda Rosin (Banff-Kananaskis) need to answer for why they are hiding details on the Keystone XL pipeline deal. On Jan.

Dear editor,

MLAs Peter Guthrie (Airdrie-Cochrane) and Miranda Rosin (Banff-Kananaskis) need to answer for why they are hiding details on the Keystone XL pipeline deal.

On Jan. 26, the Committee on Public Accounts – of which Guthrie and Rosin are members – met and discussed a motion made by NDP MLA Kathleen Ganley at 9:03 a.m.

The motion requested the Ministry of Executive Council to "appear before the committee at a date to be determined by the Subcommittee on Committee Business and provide all documents and records in its possession related to the Government of Alberta's investment in the Keystone XL pipeline project undertaken by TC Energy Corporation." The motion went on to direct the Chair to "send a letter to the Premier of Alberta and inform him of the request described in [the first clause] and request any necessary steps be taken to release the document and records including any steps related to Cabinet confidences and asked for a response to the committee's request within 30 days."

While the three NDP MLAs who sit on the committee voted in favour of the motion, the UCP MLAs on the committee, including Guthrie and Rosin, offered no argument against it, though Rosin actively tried to remove the request for the Executive Council disclosure from the motion.

We still don't know exactly how much Alberta lost, or how much more we may be on the hook for because of loan guarantees. We don't know what risks the government looked at in its decision to move forward with this deal, or why they decided to bet on Donald Trump winning a second term as president.

The NDP had asked for this information to be released by the Executive Council before, in writing, and had been told that they would not release the information without a formal request from the Committee on Public Accounts. This motion would serve as that formal request, and yet, when all eight members of the UCP on the committee voted against the motion, they effectively barred the public from ever knowing the details on the Keystone XL deal.

We as Albertans need to hold our government and MLAs to account. They gambled billions of our money, and won't give us the details of why. Guthrie and Rosin are actively working to hide that information from us by being two of the MLAs who voted against releasing that information. They need to be held accountable and answer for their actions. What are they hiding from Albertans?

This government promised a new age of transparency. Less than a month after the international travel scandal, hiding the details over this multi-billion dollar boondoggle is not the way to rebuild trust with Albertans.

Steve Durrell

Aspen Mews