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Letter: Council needs to lead

Dear editor, I am very disappointed with our City Council.
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Dear editor,

I am very disappointed with our City council. COVID-19 cases are spiking in Airdrie and council is waiting for the Alberta government to change the city's status to “enhanced” before it enacts the local mask bylaw. I do not see that happening soon because Premier Jason Kenney has said the province is doing well and further restrictive measures could be counterproductive.

Meanwhile, cases in Alberta are increasing faster than any other place in Canada per capita. Our council is shirking its responsibility on this decision by waiting on the provincial government. Council should not wait for the Province, and instead, do what it must to protect the citizens of Airdrie.

The handling of the mask issue has been yet another demonstration of a lack of leadership, but this issue goes beyond COVID-19. What has this council done in the past three years to improve quality of life in Airdrie? I moved here six years ago and was excited about a revitalized downtown and better quality of life. In that time, downtown has stagnated and we don't have a new library or recreation centre. Council committed $60 million to an overpass that should be the Alberta government's responsibility and then give kudos to MLA Angela Pitt.

Candidates in the next election need to provide a vision for Airdrie and be able to make tough decisions for the betterment of the city. They should not be swayed by a vocal minority, lest we continue to be just a place between Calgary and Red Deer. 

 Leon Cygman

 Reunion Green