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Give locally

Local economies are changing across Canada, and the rise of precarious employment and low wages means many no longer have the financial resources they once enjoyed. This is true in Airdrie, as well, and we are continually hearing how hard these new realities are hitting non-profit organizations.

Many of Airdrie’s charity groups provide services residents would not otherwise have access to within the city, and without funding they cannot continue to ensure these resources remain the community.

So, why should you donate your time or money? Well, aside from feeling good about helping others, donating to local groups allows you to see how your contributions affect others. This not only gives the act a greater sense of purpose because you may know individuals accessing resources from that charity, it provides a sense of confidence that your gift is being used as you had intended.

Local organizations are likely to have lower overhead, meaning more of your donation goes directly to those in the community you’re hoping to help.

Supporting local groups is a major benefit to the overall health of the community. When a person is helped to get back on their feet, they may gain the ability to make more local purchases, thus encouraging the local economy.

While we know times are tough, we encourage everyone who can to look closer to home the next time they open their wallet to give.

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