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Editorial: Spring is here

With the official arrival of Spring later this week, winter is hopefully behind us.

With the official arrival of Spring later this week, winter is hopefully behind us.

While our newsroom is convinced at least one or two more snowfalls are in store in the coming weeks, the recent stint of unseasonably warm weather in Airdrie has been worth celebrating. There is something about double-digit temperatures and wearing a T-shirt in mid-March that feels a bit strange for us Canadians, but we’re certainly not complaining.

After the two-week cold snap Airdrie experienced in February, it felt great to be able to shed some layers and partake in some springtime activities in the last few weeks, whether it was going for a weekend bike ride or run, or a walk in the park. Pretty soon, Alberta’s 2021 camping season will kick off and Airdronians can book their favourite camping spots for a weekend getaway.

Outdoor physical activity is great for mental health. In the coming months, golf courses and sports courts will be open, sports fields will hopefully be available for bookings and other recreational possibilities will present themselves. We encourage readers to enjoy the outdoors and get their blood pumping as much as possible this spring.

Of course, Daylight Savings Time kicked in on March 14, meaning Airdrie residents had to once again move their clocks ahead by one hour. Daylight Savings Time can be a contentious topic among Albertans – many people loathe the annual government practice – but it’s hard to argue against receiving an extra hour of daylight in the spring, even if it does mean losing an hour of sleep.

The pandemic has been hard on everybody, and it’s often tough to find positives to dwell on. During the winter, with colder temperatures and earlier sunsets, it was probably harder for most people to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

But as more and more Albertans start to receive their COVID-19 vaccines in the coming weeks, that light at the end of the tunnel will hopefully only get brighter.