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Editorial: Giving thanks

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It's been a challenge to remain positive in 2020. This year has seen an unprecedented global pandemic, accompanying financial and emotional devastation, environmental catastrophes, a reckoning over racial issues and what appears to be an increasingly contested and concerning American presidential election. On almost a daily basis, local, national and international headlines can bring a sense of unease or downright despair.

With that in mind, we feel Thanksgiving has taken on an even greater significance than usual. While many people inevitably focus on the negative, Thanksgiving offers us all a chance to be purposefully mindful of the blessings and glimmers of light in our lives.

2020 has shown just how quickly norms can be upended. To paraphrase Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's chief medical officer of health, the things people usually take for granted are being appreciated a little more deeply this year. For many people, 2020 has shone a light on how much they truly have to be thankful for.

Our reporters are no exception. Upon reflection, we've found we're grateful for things big and small. We're thankful a slight sense of normalcy has returned in the past months. We're thankful that after years working far from family, we could return home this year. We're thankful that closures experienced earlier this year have come to an end.

We're grateful for growing families and new life milestones. We're thankful we can enjoy things like the return of NBA basketball and professional European soccer to television.

We're also thankful to our readers. If you've sent us a news tip, submitted a photo or letter, agreed to an interview, liked an Instagram photo, shared an article or even just opened the pages of our newspaper and glanced at a headline, we say with sincerity – thank you. You are all the reason we love to do this job.

No matter how you plan to celebrate this year, we want to wish all our readers a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.


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