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Survey: NHLers don't like delay of game rule, like 3-on-3 overtime


The Associated Press and The Canadian Press surveyed an NHL Players' Association representative or alternate representative from all 31 teams on several questions related to the state of the game.

While the players polled love 3-on-3 overtime, results were mixed when it came to which rules they don't like.


Q: Do you like 3-on-3 overtime?

Yes: 30 players (97 per cent)

No: 1 player (3 per cent)


Q: What's the worst rule in hockey?

Delay of game: 5 players (16 per cent)

Goalie interference: 3 players (10 per cent)

Offside reviews: 3 players (10 per cent)

Other: 9 players (29 per cent)

No answer: 11 players (35 per cent)

The Canadian Press