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Langdon youth excelling on the race track

A Langdon youngster has developed a taste for victory on the racetrack this year, thanks to his dedication to mini roadracing.

A Langdon youngster has developed a taste for victory on the racetrack this year, thanks to his dedication to mini roadracing.

Seven-year-old Lincoln Scott has only been riding a motorbike for a year, but in that time has earned plenty of plaudits and shown considerable progress in the sport of mini roadracing.

“I wasn’t that good at first but I’ve had a lot of practice,” he said.

Scott practises most days at the Strathmore Motorsports Park. When he’s not speeding around the track, he said he works on his racing skills at home, improving his technique on circling in the backyard or front drive. He has also learned elements of proper motorbike maintenance and watches videos about motorcycle racing so he can emulate the pros.

His father, Ben, said he has been pleasantly surprised by his son’s commitment to his new sport.

“He’s shown some real dedication to this,” he said. “As a parent, I’m not going to put anything in his way to stop him and I’ll help support him all the way I can. As long as he’s working hard, I’ll put in the hard work to support him.”

Despite a shortened 2020 racing season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott picked up plenty of hardware for his performances this summer. Racing in the youth category against competitors aged six to nine, he topped the podium in the Alberta Mini Roadracing Association’s (AMRA) provincial championships in Strathmore and the Pacific Coast Mini Racing Club (PCMRC) championships in Chilliwack, B.C.

“I did pretty good – I won the B.C. championship and the Alberta championship,” he said.

The season concluded Oct. 11 with one final race at the Strathmore track – the Jr. MacRae Memorial Fall Endurance Race.

Scott did so much racing this year that Ben lost count of the number of competitions he entered. Ben added a family vacation to Disneyland was cancelled due to the pandemic, which provided the opportunity for Scott to dedicate more time to the sport.

“It really gave us the opportunity to travel within Canada, so we’ve been able to do it a lot more than we intended,” Ben said, adding he wanted to thank the local clubs for facilitating the 2020 season.

“The club support and the community they create is fantastic, so a huge thank you to them," he said.

Scott’s goals in the sport of mini roadracing are sky-high. He said his dream is to ultimately race at the Motorcycle Grand Prix Championships.

In order to fund his journey in the sport, Scott said he’s been doing chores around the house and throughout the neighbourhood for pay.

“I’m doing some bottle drives too,” he said.

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