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County council notes: Langdon school to fix drainage

Rocky View County council endorsed Langdon School’s plan to construct a concrete swale, June 29. The meandering swale, which will be 210 feet long, will contour into the surrounding landscape to help improve overland drainage.

Police to focus on motorcycle safety this July

Alberta Integrated Traffic Units will be involved in a joint effort to reduce the harm that results from motorcycle collisions this month. The summer months and warm weather leads to an increase in the number of motorcycles on the roads.

Airdrie weighs in on recycling legislation

Developers may soon be required to recycle construction and demolition waste and City staff, council and residents in Airdrie are saying, “It’s about time.

Musical Ride show at Pioneer Acres cancelled

The RCMP Musical Ride’s Irricana event on July 15 has been cancelled. One of the horses has contracted a low-grade case of Streptococcus Equi, an equine bacterial infection that is commonly known as Strangles.
Crossfield doubles landbase with annexation

Crossfield doubles landbase with annexation

The Provincial Government notified Crossfield that its 1,750-acre annexation was approved, June 22. Negotiations for the annexation, which will more than double the area, have been ongoing since 2006.

Council cancels median for Main Street

After listening to the wishes of the majority of residents, Beiseker council unanimously moved to scrap a centre median planned for Main Street from its beautification program.

Provincial government has abused democracy

Democracy has a very interesting history. It has provided the world with a form of government that when nurtured and upheld, has resulted in unprecedented prosperity and respect for civil liberties.
"  Passion is the one thing that will keep us engaged and driven in our future"

" Passion is the one thing that will keep us engaged and driven in our future"

Passion is a powerful thing. It gives us the motivation and enthusiasm that we need, to accomplish our goals. Good afternoon parents, teachers, staff, honoured guests, family members, community members and of course, fellow graduates.
Parents plead for classroom space

Parents plead for classroom space

Hundreds of parents, politicians, teachers and school board representatives came to City Hall on June 24 for a forum regarding the school space crisis in Airdrie.

CRP presents economic development strategy

The Calgary Regional Partnership presented a key planing document at its annual general meeting, June 25. The 10-Year Economic Development Strategy will guide business retention, growth and attraction efforts in hopes of creating jobs in the region.