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Village to restrict access to alley behind 5th Street

Access to the alley behind 5th St. will be closed after another complaint was received at the Village office of motorists speeding and stunting there. Both roads east and north of 330 - 5th St.

Access to the alley behind 5th St. will be closed after another complaint was received at the Village office of motorists speeding and stunting there.

Both roads east and north of 330 - 5th St. are supposed to be used for alley access only, but instead have become thoroughfares for school, community hall and arena traffic. Drivers are increasingly less than respectful of the area, traffic regulations and common courtesy. To accommodate the restriction, administration was instructed to send a letter to Rocky View Schools stating that the gate to this area needs to be permanently closed. If this is not done, the Village will take further action.

Deputy Fire Chief Dan Martin attended council to address two concerns of the Beiseker Fire Department. There are a lot of rumours going around about where Beiseker stands in its bid to partner with Rocky View County for fire services in the Beiseker area. Mayor Bruce Rowe assured Martin that Beiseker council is 100 per cent behind its fire department and is continuing to talk to the County about a mutual agreement. He indicated the issue is very complex, and now includes extra consideration because unionization is involved. Rowe told Martin that as soon as there is any information he can give to the department, he will do so.

Martin also expressed concern that Beiseker is not being called on to attend highway accidents in the area. The department is concerned that properly trained, able bodied personnel in Beiseker are not being called out to highway accidents where victims are in need of assistance. Rowe will look into why this is still happening.

In a bid to force the Province to step in and help the Kneehill Water Commission lower its chronic debt load, Beiseker is spearheading a regional meeting. It will likely be held in Acme, with municipal councils and residents from Beiseker, Irricana, Acme, Linden, Rocky View County, Carbon and the County of Kneehill encouraged to attend. Area MLAs as well as ministers and the media will be invited as well.

The region served by the Kneehill Water Commission includes more than 40,000 people and Beiseker council is extremely concerned that high water rates are a hardship for all residents. According to council, the rates will keep the area from developing to its full potential as prospective homebuyers will shy away from the area after considering the cost of water.

Council contends it is unfair that the Province provided the Kneehill Commission with less than one-third of the initial cost of the installation of the system, when other regional systems in Alberta have been funded up to 82 per cent. Kneehill customers pay one of the highest water rates in Alberta, much higher than the provincial average.

The date and place of the upcoming meeting will be announced soon, but all area residents who believe that regional water costs are too high will be asked to attend, as Beiseker council feels that its pleas for provincial help are falling on deaf ears.

• Foreman Bill Hnybida reported that some trees growing in the ditch are hampering drainage ditch cleaning. These trees may have to be removed.

• Pavement repair on 1st Ave. has begun and will proceed through the rest of the village as the summer progresses.

• The airport runway project is underway and air traffic has been suspended for the duration.

• Work is progressing on the drainage problems at the condominiums.

Council reviewed the Beiseker Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP) submitted by Palliser Regional Municipal Services and with a couple of corrections, agreed to adopt it. Having an MSP is a requirement to receiving the federal gas tax refund and has other municipal uses.

A town hall meeting will be held on June 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Hall, where plans for the Main Street Beautification project, including new sidewalks, trees and a median will be presented for public comment.

The next meeting of Beiseker council will be May 25 in council chambers. The public is welcome.

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