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Taking responsibility

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With budget cuts becoming the norm in Alberta, it seems optimistic to think the province would consider funding further legislation requiring helmet use.

Helmets protect the brain – this is not new information. It makes sense then, caregivers would insist children wear the safety equipment when participating in potentially risky activities.

In the report to council on a potential bylaw for mandatory helmet use at outdoor City facilities, it was noted at the skate park, older children are frequently encouraging younger ones to wear helmets. If youth can recognize the importance of protective gear, shouldn’t parents be expected adequately protect their child from harm, as well?

Though safety legislation at a provincial level is effective at reducing injuries, instituting a municipal bylaw comes at a significant expense.

When the City is already struggling to meet traffic and infrastructure demands, is now really the time to invest in addressing a common-sense matter that should be the responsibility of a parent?


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