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Letters to the Editor

UK resident searches for local connections

Dear Editor, Greetings from the United Kingdom. I am researching my family tree. I know my grandfather, Ronald Kenyon Bigwood, arrived in Canada in 1910, aged 17. I know he was living in Keoma in 1916, and he left Canada in 1919.

Disappointed with council decision

RE: “ Council approves $60K pay ‘top-up,’ ” article, Dec. 6.

Great experience with Rocky View County

Dear Editor, On Nov. 27, I attended my second Rocky View County (RVC) council meeting, to hear a proposed bylaw regarding water/wastewater utility sustainability.

“Family challenges” impact RVC councillor

RE: “ Councillor seems to be missing in action ,” letter, Nov. 20 Dear Editor, Recently, a letter from a Ms.

Thank you for your anonymous kindness

Dear Editor, On Nov. 11, my husband and I attended the Remembrance Day service at the Southern Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary.

Councillor seems to be missing in action

Dear Editor, It was nice to see our councillor, Mark Kamachi, getting news coverage for his efforts to raise awareness of prostate cancer . He also seems to be quite active in the community – always there for the photo ops at community events.

Canada Post confusion causing big problems

Dear Editor, Ironically, one of the few pieces of mail that actually made its way into our new community mailbox last week was the Rocky View Weekly newspaper.

Continued concern surrounding Canada Post changes

RE: "Mail delivery changes frustrate residents," article, Oct. 30 Dear Editor, The roll-out of the new rural addressing system has involved more than frustration and empty mailboxes.

Addressing misconceptions about DST

RE: "Against daylight saving," letter, Nov. 6. Dear Editor, I am writing in response to last week's letter from John McMurray titled, " Against daylight saving .

No excuse for mail mishap

Dear Editor, For those of us from Airdrie with rural route mail, the last few weeks – to say the least – have been frustrating.