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Letters to the Editor

Crossfield mayor responds to criticism

Re: “It’s time for Crossfield mayor to go,” LTE Aug. 31 Dear editor, Thank you for your willingness to print Ms. Shergold’s charming sequence of commentary on the community of Crossfield.

Many thanks to those who helped during a difficult time

Dear editor, Sometimes the word “thanks” doesn’t sound sufficient. The events of the last week have left me many people to thank. First and foremost is to Jacquelyne, a total stranger, who selflessly aided me from a potential tragedy.

Kudos to FortisAlberta for helping out the Legion

Dear editor, The Royal Canadian Legion Airdrie #288 would like to thank the FortisAlberta group of Airdrie who helped us out of a bind. We had to replace an old safe, built around 1912, which was extremely heavy.

MMA is no more dangerous than boxing

Re: “Mixed Martial Arts dilemma: Should the sport be banned in Canada?” Aug. 24 Dear editor, I was glad to read your article about the controversy about MMA. I think more people need to become educated about this fast-growing sport.

It's time for Crossfield mayor to go

Re: “Crossfield Mayor to run for re-election in the fall” Aug. 17 Dear editor, Reading that Mayor Phil McCracken of Crossfield plans to run for re-election this fall brought an old saying to mind, “If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” Well.

City needs to patrol pathways to stop shortcuts

Dear editor, I am a resident in the Sunridge neighbourhood of Airdrie and I am tired of drivers using the Fletcher Park pathways as a shortcut because they can and nobody is doing anything about it.

Airdrie-Chestermere MLA on the right track

Dear editor, Bravo to Airdrie-Chestermere MLA Rob Anderson for two recent commentaries in the City View. The equalization payments to other “have-not” provinces surely were not intended to beggar the donors as has become the case.

CottageClub will not affect public access to river

Re: “Development cuts off Bow River access,” June 1 RVW Dear editor, The article has caused some people to mistakenly believe that the development of CottageClub will affect public access to the Bow River.

Resident wants to seee change in Airdrie

Re: “Wake up call for Airdrie taxpayers,” LTE July 23 Dear editor, Are Airdrie residents happy “flushing their tax dollars” down the toilet? Our current mayor (and alderman) have dropped the ball when it comes to wise spending of our hard earned tax

Who will hold Capital Power and TransAlta accountable?

Dear editor, In 2001, EPCOR Generating Inc. (now called Capital Power Management Inc.