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Letters to the Editor

Mayor must explain City's stand on busing

Dear editor, As I talk to Airdronians on the campaign trail, there are a few recurring issues that people are upset about. The issue I find most frustrating is the City’s involvement in the intercity bus market.

Education copyright bill has a significant downside

Dear Editor, As Canada’s MPs head back to Ottawa, readers should know they will soon be wrestling with a bill to reform Canadian copyright law that will impact the vibrancy of Canadian values and heritage reflected in Canadian schools.

City should do something about RVs

Re: “Stiffer RV parking rules needed in Cooper’s Crossing” Dear Editor, I completely agree that the City of Airdrie needs to re-evaluate the residential regulations related to restricting storage of RVs on driveways for extended periods of time.

School board an exciting opportunity

Are you passionate about public education? Do you want to do meaningful work as a community leader? If so, you should consider running for public school board trustee this fall.

Mayor McCracken is the men to get the job done

Re: “It’s time for Crossfield mayor to go,” LTE Aug. 31 Dear editor, I will agree that Mayor McCracken does not always follow procedure when it comes to the formality of the Town council, but to be honest it is that attitude that gets things done.

It's no wonder no one runs for public office anymore

Re: “It’s time for Crossfield mayor to go,” LTE Aug. 31 Dear editor, After reading the letter from Cheryl Todd Shergold I wonder why anyone runs for public office anymore.

Rocky View needs a new council

Dear editor, We only have a little more than a month to collectively decide the future of the County. Our options are essentially simple.

Stiffer RV parking rules needed in Cooper's Crossing

Re: “Westmark Holdings offers estate homes in Cooper’s Crossing,” Aug. 27 Dear editor, Congratulations to Westmark Holdings Ltd.

The Alberta government should not be subsidizing ethanol

The Alberta government should not be subsidizing ethanol Dear editor, The Alberta government has spent tens of millions of taxpayer’s dollars subsidizing bio-mass ethanol plant projects.

MMA is no more dangerous than boxing

Re: “Mixed Martial Arts dilemma: Should the sport be banned in Canada?” Aug. 24 Dear editor, I was glad to read your article about the controversy about MMA. I think more people need to become educated about this fast-growing sport.