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Letters to the Editor

Business is good for all of Airdrie

Re: “Mann: More lobbyist than candidate for mayor,” LTE Sept. 24 Dear editor, A letter to the editor in last week's City View accuses me of being a “lobbyist” for business in Airdrie.

Local charity touches the heart of homeless boy

Dear editor, I wanted to share this wonderful story that truly captures the work that the folks do each and everyday, through Stephen’s Backpacks Society. Bless you.

Airdrie residents need to get involved in local politics

Dear editor, I have a message for Airdrie residents: the cash cow has come to a complete and udder halt.

Excluding candidates an unfortunate move

Dear editor, A move to exclude candidates from speaking about growth in meetings organized by Rocky View County is unfortunate.

Our County needs a new council

Dear editor, Recently, a brief dissertation entitled 29 Reasons to Leave Rocky View was well circulated in West Rocky View. I did not write the article and I don’t know who did.

Former mayor weighs in on Crossfield election

Dear editor, Just recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a young man by the name of Nathan Anderson. I had seen his signs around Crossfield, indicating that he is a contender for mayor in Crossfield, in the upcoming municipal election.

Mann: More lobbyist than candidate for mayor

Re: “Mayor must explain City’s stand on bussing,” Sept. 17. Dear editor, I am writing to Ross Mann’s letter published in your Sept. 17 edition. Mr. Mann, you sound more like a lobbyist for Traxx than a candidate for mayor.

Mayor clears up transit confusion

Re: “Mayor must explain City’s stand on bussing,” Sept. 17. I feel I must dispel the misinformation presented in the Sept. 17 letter regarding private bus service versus public transit.

Thank you to Crossfield Town council

Three years ago, at the last election, Jacky Vang, Judi Smith, Jackie Jaquish and Norma Lang volunteered to serve on Crossfield Town council, and were elected by acclamation when no one else was willing to come forward.

Rocky View needs fiscal stability

Dear editor, As a former councillor, I feel a responsibility to comment on the current debt load of Rocky View County. On Sept.