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Resident not pleased with property tax bill

Dear Editor,

Like many other Airdrie residents, my wife and I received our 2019 residential property tax bill this week. Our tax amount has increased 6.7 per cent over last years amount and, once again, I find myself wondering how each level of government can expect their citizens to keep handing over more money year after year?

It is no secret the current economic reality is not the best; therefore, I feel it only prudent the City of Airdrie tighten it's belt like so many of the residents have had to do.

On a personal level, I do not mind an increase if I feel one is getting value for their money; however, time and time again that is not the case.

Since the City has widened Yankee Valley Boulevard from 8 Street to 24 Street, it has become the Yankee Valley Speedway and Drag Strip. With regards to more money being spent on policing, where is it? Start handing out fines for excessive noise and light to light racing.

Furthermore, I believe we are entering our third summer since construction began on this stretch and I wonder if the quality of pavement that currently exists is the final result?

Troy Schneider